About Us

About Expros

Expros is an innovative platform designed for scholars seeking to connect, collaborate, and share their real-time experiences of scholar communities like conferences,

scholarly journals, and many more. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive community where scholars can support and learn from each other.


Our Mission

At Expros, our mission is to provide a space where scholars can come together to form a powerful network that promotes knowledge sharing and professional growth. We aim to facilitate the exchange of ideas, experiences, and insights to enable scholars to excel in their respective fields.

Our Sevices


Expros offers scholars a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, leading to valuable collaborations and professional relationships. Scholars can expand their network, build partnerships, and engage in meaningful discussions to enhance their research and academic endeavors.

Real-time Conference Experiences

We understand the significance of conferences as a platform for knowledge dissemination and collaboration. Expros enables scholars to share their real-time experiences and insights about conferences they have attended. This feature allows conference attendees.

Journal Discussion and Reviews

Expros allows scholars to discuss and review various scholarly journals. Our platform allows researchers to share their experiences related to journal submissions, review processes, and publication outcomes. This fosters transparency and helps scholars make well-informed.

Peer Support and Collaboration

Expros encourages scholars to support and guide each other through peer-to-peer interactions. Scholars can leverage the platform to seek advice, share best practices, and gain insights from others in their respective fields. By fostering a culture of collaboration, Expros aims to strengthen.

Non-Profit Approach

As a non-profit organization, Expros is fully committed to serving the scholarly community. Our services are provided with the sole purpose of supporting scholars and facilitating their academic development. We do not prioritize monetary gain but instead focus on creating a vibrant and inclusive platform that benefits all members

Join Expros today and be a part of a thriving scholarly network where you can connect with fellow researchers, share your conference experiences, review journals, and receive peer support. Together, let's create a community that empowers and uplifts scholars worldwide.